A Brief Overview of Brand Partnerships

Carro’s brand partnership platform now helps brands work together to lower marketing cost and increase revenue — by cross-selling with other amazing Shopify brands. 

You can partner with these brands as a retailer or a supplier (or both!). As the retailer, you are selling their products on your website, allowing you to expand your product catalog and offer complementary product upsells to your audience. 

As a supplier, you are selling your products on your partner’s websites, similar to a wholesaler or dropshipping relationship. When an item sells on their site, an order would be automatically created in your Shopify dashboard so that you can fulfill the order. You’ll get the customer’s information too, which allows you to remarket to them directly later on. 

Through Carro, we seamlessly integrate stores so that you can partner together and list each other’s items on your stores. When a customer purchases from one brand, the process is automatic for the other brand and everyone shares in the profits. 

But how does this look in real life? 

Let’s walk through how State Bicycle was able to increase their Average Order Value and sell related items with zero hassle…

When State Bicycle wanted to expand their product catalog and start offering biking accessories, Carro got them introduced to Handup Gloves and connected their stores. State Bicycle was able to list the products that they wanted from Handup gloves. From there, the images, product descriptions, metadata, and sizing charts were all seamlessly imported over! 

Once an order is placed on State Bicycle’s website, the purchase is automatically placed in the Shopify orders queue of Handup Gloves and they can fulfill it just like a normal order. 

Carro automatically shares the revenue with Handup Gloves and there’s no additional shipping time or need to aggregate and import orders. 

With Carro’s Brand Partnerships, retailers can add additional products and revenue to their store without any effort, and suppliers can sell their products on trusted brands’ sites. You’ll be able to increase your revenue without adding to your marketing costs or your workload! 

You can do this with one or one million stores, there’s no limit to the brands that you can partner with.

Ready to give it a try?