Being a Supplier: What You Need to Know

Within each Brand Partnership, there is a retailer and a supplier. When you are a supplier, your products are sold on your partner’s website. Essentially, you are the wholesaler or dropshipper for this partner, but Carro eliminates the hassle and paperwork from these traditional supplier relationships. 

Your product’s inventory and information is automatically synced to the partner’s store. When a product sells, the order is automatically created in your Shopify dashboard so that you can fulfill it just like any other order. You and your partner will have the customer’s information for fulfillment. You now have a customer that you can remarket to and increase the lifetime value of. 

Your product’s inventory counts and price are kept in sync on your partner’s store, so that the information is up-to-date. They can update the product description and images to match their brand’s look and feel, but they won’t be able to adjust the price without your approval. 

You’ll also be handling any customer service inquiries that arise from these orders. For example, if a customer reaches out about shipping times, your partner will send you the inquiry so that you can answer it just as you would one of your own orders. 

Being a supplier is a great way to create brand recognition and get your products sold in more stores. You can build up your brand through your partner’s stores, while they handle the marketing and acquisition!