Brand Partnerships for Cause Marketing

Carro’s Brand Partnerships is the ultimate solution for cause marketing. You can support the brands that espouse the same values and create unique opportunities to share a cause with your audience through these curated collections. 

One of the biggest difficulties of cause marketing is finding a way to donate the proceeds or even finding an organization to support. What if you could list products on your site that already have all this sorted out? Carro’s Brand Partnerships allows you to llist products that already have this giving component on your site in a collection for the cause. Then, you can advertise that a portion of the proceeds go to support a specific cause, without having to handle the donations yourself. 

You can also list products that help you communicate your brand’s values. If you want to support women in business, you can create a collection of products by women-owned businesses. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is connect with these brands and list their items to help the causes closest to your heart. 

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