Co-Marketing and Co-Branding

Co-branded products are custom products that are created with your brand partner. You both have input on the product design and create a product that captures both your brand’s perspectives. For example, Taco Bell partnered with Doritos to create the Doritos Locos taco, a taco that has a Doritos shell instead of a normal hard taco shell. In this case, both food brands contributed what they are known for to create a unique hybrid. 

Co-branded products are a great way for established brands to share their audiences and create buzz. They are borrowing each other’s clout so that both brands can benefit. 

When you are co-marketing with a brand, you can offer some of their products on your site, and vice versa, so that co-marketing doesn’t just exist on social media, but is actually incorporated into the fabric of your site. 

Be sure to ask them what they’re best-sellers are. You never know what you might learn about your own target market through this sharing of information! 

The real challenge for co-branding and co-marketing is typically getting the product line set up in both stores and easily keeping track of the inventory from the partnership. Instead of negotiating back and forth with endless email messages, you can create a product collection together that is automatically synced to the stores with Carro’s Brand Partnerships. That way, you can sell each other’s products in your own stores and co-market to your respective audiences about the collaboration.