Completing Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Partnering with a brand to expand your product offerings can help your overall customer experience. Your customers are looking for your products, but they may also be looking for accessories or related products that you don’t carry… yet. 

Instead of sending customers looking for accessories on other sites, you can partner with a brand to provide these related products. That way, your customers can complete their entire buying journey on your site, including the accessories that they didn’t even realize they needed. 

Completing the buyer journey also creates greater customer satisfaction because they won’t have to go searching for something else in order to create the complete solution that they need. 

You’re Selling Solutions

The products listed on your website should be solving a problem. Instead of selling products, you are selling solutions. Your customers have some problem in common, and your job is to find it out and solve it. If you can do this smoothly and easily for the customer, even better. 

When selling a solution, you should focus your pitch on how this product or products solves their problems. However, the problem doesn’t have to be life or death. A problem could be as simple as finding a matching necklace to the bracelet you just added to your cart. In this case, offering a matching necklace would be a solution to their problem. 

Brand partnerships can help you solve their problems and offer solutions by widening your product catalog. If you’re selling jewelry, a brand partnership could allow you to offer jewelry boxes, jewelry cleaners, or organizers. All of these would be solutions to a problem that your customers have: storing and caring for the jewelry that they just bought from you. 

Bundling Your Solutions

One way to streamline this problem solving process and make it even easier for the customer is to offer product bundles. Bundles are also an easy way to increase your average order value and to sell multiple items in a single purchase. 

Some Shopify apps for bundling: