Creating a Limited Edition Collection

A limited edition collection can create urgency and interest for both brands, as well as opportunities to gain publicity from the partnership. A limited edition collection is also a great set of products to feature in your pop-up shop

Carro’s Brand Partnerships streamlines your limited edition collections when they are made with a partner. You can work with the partner to create a co-branded collection, then  you’ll be able to sell the products through only one fulfillment method with one brand, instead of trying to figure out complex fulfillment systems or splitting the costs and the inventory. In other words, both online stores can sell the products and profit, but only one store handles the fulfillment so that all the inventory stays in one convenient location. Let Carro seamlessly integrate the stores and just split the profits! 

A limited edition collection could feature items that are best-sellers from your brand partner, or they could be items specially curated for you. You can even do some co-branding and create a collection together that captures both of your brand’s aesthetics.