Customer Service with Brand Partnerships

Customer service is an important part of the customer experience on your site. If a customer has a question about a partner’s product that is sold through your site, you should have a streamlined way to forward this conversation to the supplier.

We recommend that the supplier handles all customer service questions pertaining to their products. When a retailer receives a request, they should pass the request along to the supplier’s customer service team.

To streamline this process, we recommend that you provide your customer service team with a list of the products that are sold by partners on your store, and their contact info. This will assist them in directing customers when anyone calls or emails with a question. When replying to a customer service email, you can also CC the supplier’s customer service team in the reply, and let the customer know that they’ll handle the request from here.

Be sure to make the process as easy as possible for the customer. Any struggles that they have or bad experiences can negatively impact both brands, just as a great experience would elevate both brands. Make customer service as frictionless as possible so that both brands get glowing recommendations!