Finding Partners in the Directory

With Brand Partnerships, you can sell more products, expand your product catalog, and work with your favorite brands to create complementary sales opportunities. But first, you have to find partners to work with! 

To find partners, you can search our directory or send an invitation. You can invite brands that you love to join Carro so that they can use our seamless store integration. 

Or, use our directory to find new partnerships. Our directory includes all the approved partners who are in the Carro network so that you can filter, explore, and evaluate potential partners. 


Remember those categories you set for your own store when filling out your profile? 

We’ve categorized each brand with that information so that the directory is easy to navigate and you can find the brands in the right industries. Once you’ve selected a brand, we give you a complete look so that you can evaluate them as a potential partner. Be sure to check out their website and their products yourself to really familiarize yourself with the brand. 

When you’re ready to partner with a brand, you can reach out directly through the directory page. Carro will set up an introduction and you can start discussing your partnership with them!