How Revenue Splits & Payments Work

Carro’s Brand Partnerships helps you work with other top-selling brands to sell each other’s products. Carro streamlines the paperwork and inventory management, so that you can focus on generating revenue! 

When you’re completing your supplier setup, you’ll be asked to specify your revenue split, or how much money you make from each sale.

?% Retailer
?% Supplier
5% Carro

You’ll specify how much you want to keep from each sale, Carro will get 5% of the sale, and the retailer will keep the rest.

Here’s how these revenue splits work within the order process: 

1. The retailer sells a product. 

At this time, the retailer accepts payment for the customer’s entire order, whether it has a partner’s products or their own products or a mix of both. The retailer will accept payments according to their store’s payment methods, whether that’s credit card or payment plan. 

2. The retailer requests fulfillment of the order.

Some stores automatically fulfill orders, while others require the store manager to click “request fulfillment.” Either way, when the request to fulfill the order is processed, the order is sent to the supplier, so that they can ship the products that were ordered. 

3. A wholesale order is created in the supplier’s store. 

If the order contained a supplier’s products, then Carro automatically sends a wholesale order (with the customer’s information) for the supplier when fulfillment is requested so that the supplier can ship these items. 

4. The supplier is paid. 

At the same time that the wholesale order is created, the retailer is charged for the supplier’s share through Stripe and a credit card.

The supplier receives their payment through Stripe in a single transaction for each sale. 

5. Carro’s fees are charged at the end of the month.

Carro’s fees are itemized and added to your Shopify monthly billing.

How Payments Look…

To Retailers

  • The retailer receives payment from the customer for the entire order
  • A single Stripe transaction is charged to the card on file for the supplier’s share.
  • Carro’s fees are itemized and added to your Shopify monthly bill.

To Suppliers

  • The supplier is paid via a single Stripe transaction from Carro when the wholesale order is created. They are paid according to the percentage of the sale that they have agreed to.