How to Launch New Products on Your Site (Retailer)

When you start a partnership with a supplier, you’ll have products imported into your store so that you can begin selling them through your site. 

Your Carro Brand Partnerships Collection

Products that are imported into your store belong to a collection called “Carro Brand Partnerships.” This provides an easy way to view which products belong to your partnerships. 

This collection automatically adds any item that is tagged with the “Carro Brands Products.” We recommend not adjusting the settings on this collection. 

Preparing Your Products to Launch

Before you launch your new products, you’ll want to double-check a few things to make sure that the product looks great on your website! 

Carro automatically imports the product description, product images, and certain settings when the product page is created. The product will use your theme, so that it perfectly matches the other product pages on your site. 

Here’s a few considerations: 

Product Description

Check the product description that was imported from your partner’s site. You should format or rewrite the product description according to your brand’s tone and style. 

Typically, custom code or html doesn’t import well, so you’ll want to remove anything that doesn’t display correctly. 

If something doesn’t display correctly, you can contact your partner to request a size chart graphic or other materials for your product description. 

Product Images

Product images are also imported from your partner’s site when the product is created on your site. You’ll want to make sure that they are formatted correctly for your site. 

You may need to crop your product images so that they match your other products. 

You may also want to purchase a sample of the product from your supplier so that you can take additional product images according to your brand’s style. That will help it blend seamlessly into your product catalog.

Product Availability

Now that your product looks great on your website, it’s time to publish your product! To make your product available to your customers, you’ll need to check the box “Online Store” under Sales Channels. You may also want to add it to some of your collections so that customers can find it easily. 

Other Product Settings

  • Under Inventory Management, you’ll see that the product is managed by “Carro 1-click fulfillment.” Do not change this setting or you will unsync the product from your partnership. 
  • Each product that you imported from a supplier is tagged with “Carro Brands Products.”

Product Launch Checklist: 

Product Description is displaying correctly and has been formatted according to your brand’s style.
Product Images have been cropped to match your other product images.
Product Availability – Add the product to your Online Store under Sales Channel and add your product to different collections so that customers can find your new product!
Optional: Request a sample product from your partner so that you can add to your product images.

When everything looks good to you, you’ll need to make this product available in your Online Store Sales Channel and add it to key collections and navigation so that your customers can find it!