Negotiating Your Brand Partnerships

Carro is the platform powering your partnerships with other Shopify stores. Ultimately, the success of this partnership comes from your relationship with your partners. 

When you’re first introduced to a brand through Carro, you’ll need to negotiate some of the details of your partnership. In the introduction email, Carro includes all the information to contact your new partner and start a conversation. We recommend reaching out to them the same day as our introduction email is sent so that you can show them how excited you are to begin! 

There are a few ways to negotiate your partnerships. You can continue the conversation via email, or you can ask for a video call or phone call to cover all the details of your partnership. We’ve found that most brands make faster progress when they schedule a meeting to discuss.

Once you’ve arranged your preferred method of communication, you should discuss how you’d like your partnership to work. Are you the retailer or the supplier? As a reminder, the retailer carries the other’s products in their store, while the supplier handles fulfillment and inventory. 

In some cases, you and your partner may decide to be both retailers and suppliers, and each of you will carry the other’s products in your own store. We recommend treating these as separate conversations and starting with one retailer-supplier relationship before working on the reverse. 

The main components of your partnership to discuss are the revenue splits, the products you’d like to include, and the timeline. For revenue splits, you are determining what percentage of the sale the retailer and the supplier will receive. You should consider the products you’ll be sharing when deciding the splits, as well as any additional costs like shipping, before deciding. 

Next, you’ll pick which products you’d like to include in the partnership. You can also discuss how you’ll be presenting these products on the retailer’s store. Are you planning a featured collection, or using these products as cross-sell opportunities? Here’s where you can get creative about how to partner with these brands. 

Once you’ve discussed all the details, you can create a proposal within Carro to finalize the details and the partnership. Once you have an approved proposal, your partnership can begin!