Crafting Your First Outreach Message to an Influencer

What makes an influencer want to work with you? Your first impression could be a make or break moment in your relationship with that influencer. Instead of focusing on the free products or how the influencer will post about your product, devote your first message to establishing a connection to the influencer and sharing about your brand. 

A good first outreach to an influencer should sell the brand, not the perks. Selling your brand instead of the perks that come with it will ensure that the influencer really loves your product and can authentically recommend your brand. Foster a relationship that focuses on your mutual admiration for their content and your brand.

In selling the influencer on your brand and your mission, you are creating value for the influencer without attaching that value to dollars and cents. Influencers who love a brand are willing to go above and beyond for something that they actually use and something they support. Without this enthusiastic support of your brand, any brand partnership would be motivated only by money. Getting an influencer to “buy in” to your purpose as a brand will help both parties create authentic content and pursue the same end result. 

Be sure to mention the benefits of your brand for your customers. Let the influencer know the impact you are having on the lives of your consumers. 

Your first message to an influencer should include why you picked them. Why did this influencer stick out above all the other influencers out there? If you loved their photos, or you thought it was interesting how they presented a previous brand collaboration, tell them! They would love to hear why you wanted to connect with them. Also, a little flattery never hurt anyone.

If you only chose this influencer because of their follower count, you may want to find an additional reason for working with this person. In influencer marketing, you are trying to connect with influencer’s audiences as your target customer. Your brand’s values should overlap with the influencer’s.

Your first message to an influencer should include big picture strategy. You don’t have to give away your whole influencer playbook, but some insight into your overall goals can be helpful to influencers when you are constructing a partnership together. An influencer may produce different content for a product mention versus a brand mention, so let them know what your goals are so that they can prepare accordingly. Any “deal breakers” that you have regarding payments, sponsorship placements, or free products should also be mentioned so that they know the limits of your program. Try to keep enough wiggle room in the arrangement that you can negotiate once the influencer has responded.

Your first message should include your Carro invitation link. Including your Carro invitation link will allow influencers to submit product requests right away. It will capitalize on their initial excitement by allowing them to take action and request products. Not only will it maintain the momentum, but you can then review the product request to see what they are interested in and how they want to collaborate. The Carro team considers the invitation link so important to the influencer-brand relationship that we made it a required field in our Quick Invites feature.

Your invitation link is also located above product requests.

Example Outreach Email: 

Hey there,

I hope you’re doing well, I handle influencer relations for <BRAND NAME>. Great to meet you!

I stumbled across your account and thought your content would be perfect for us. If you feel we’d make a good fit, I’d love to move forward and have you request products from our store.

Use this link to visit, and request something at no charge that catches your eye. <CARRO BRAND LINK>

During the request, leave a note before confirming your shipping address to let us know your plans for the product (content creation, story post, article, etc).

If you have any questions, just reply to this email.



Tips for Outreach Emails:

  • If you don’t know their first name, stick to a more generic greeting. Use their name if it is available, but don’t use their username. Influencers want to know that you put in the effort to get to know their profile before reaching out. Nothing says “form letter” like saying “Hi @Username.” Better to use a generic greeting like “Hi there” than to risk them tuning out because you used an auto-filled username in your email.
  • Keep your general email template customizable with dynamic fields. This will save a huge amount of work as you send out emails to your influencers. Design each email with quick customization in mind.