Quick Invites: Customizing Your Default Message

Your Quick Invite template is the first message that influencers will receive from your brand after your influencers are discovered. Your message should reflect your brand’s own unique voice, as well as invite them to start collaborating with you.

Your Quick Invite template is easily modified from the Invites tab within Carro.

First, you’ll need to sign in with a Google Account to send Quick Invites from your email. Influencers with any questions can reply to your email address to learn more.

Carro has provided a proven template that you can use for your influencer outreach messages, but you can also customize, personalize, or completely rewrite this message to suit your brand’s needs.

Carro recommends including:

  • Your Name
  • Your Brand’s Name
  • Your Job Title
  • Any Instructions for your partnership that they’ll need to know up front

You are required to include your brand link in this message so that influencers can visit your store and submit product requests. You will still have to review and approve each product request for the influencers, but this unique link gives influencers the ability to show you what products they are interested in and how they are planning on sharing their content.

Once you have finalized your Quick Invite Template, you can click update to save your message.

Now, each time your click the Quick Invite button next to an influencer, your unique message will be sent right to their inbox so that you can start collaborating!