Affiliates, Ambassadors, and Coupon Codes

Best for: Brands that aren’t able to send free products, but still want to get product mentions, reviews, and unboxings. 

Minimum Budget to Get Started: about 10% of retail sales (paid as commissions to influencers when they sell a product)

Affiliate and Ambassador programs are a good way to start using influencer marketing if you are unsure of the potential ROI for your brand. In this instance, you’ll only have to pay the influencer if they contribute to a sale on your site. Through the use of tracking links or coupon codes, influencers can promote your brand and be rewarded only when their efforts pay off. This helps to mitigate the risk involved with influencer marketing and guarantees that you only pay when you get results. 

To set this up, it is best to install an app that can track affiliate sales. Refersion, Enlistly, Affiliately, Lead Dyno, and Omnistar are all commonly used Shopify apps that can help you track and monitor your affiliate sales. 

Once you have setup your affiliate software, you’ll just invite affiliates into the program and they can begin sharing your brand online. 

A few considerations:

  • It helps to get an affiliate started with your brand if you can send them a free sample to work with when they first sign up. 
  • Have a very clear terms and conditions agreement in place with all affiliates. Be sure to specify what channels they can promote to, and whether or not they can pay for advertising. 
  • Google Analytics/built-in store analytics can also help you track affiliate activity and should be used in conjunction with your affiliate management software.
  • Communication is key. A monthly newsletter can help affiliates know about the latest promotions, new products, and sales, so that they can promote your brand more effectively.


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