Boosting Influencer Content

Best for: Building up your sponsored ads, creating authentic brand awareness through Facebook and Instagram ads

Minimum Budget to Get Started: Between $5/day-$1,000/day depending on advertising goals

This is a new feature on Instagram and Facebook. Influencers can now list business partners when sharing their content, which allows brands to then boost the post with paid advertising. 

What is Boosting?

On Facebook and Instagram, boosting is a way of advertising a post from a page’s timeline. In order to reach a larger audience, you can “boost” a post to extend its reach. This is a paid advertising option and can help your post (or your influencer’s post) be seen by a much larger number compared to organic posting.

How to Boost an Influencer’s Post

When posting, the influencer will need to setup the Branded Content portion of the post. Once the influencer has listed that the content is sponsored by your brand, you will have the option to boost the post within the Facebook Ads Manager.

For the best content from your influencer team, set aside a small budget in order to extend the reach of the post and get maximum return on this piece of influencer content. 

By extending their reach, you can share your brand in a way that feels more organic to their followers, and doesn’t look like an advertisement. Consumers are more likely to trust influencer content over paid ads, so this is a great way of getting the influencer content in front of more people.

Your content will be tagged as “Sponsored” and will list the influencer instead of your brand. It is a unique way to market your brand outside of paid ads from your company.