Content Creation and Branded Ads with Influencers

Best for: Brands without photographers or the resources to create enough content

Minimum Budget to Get Started: $0 + the cost of gifted products + Facebook Ads Budget

If you’re struggling to keep up with content creation for your brand, have influencers create content and take the burden off your marketing team. Churning out content is hard, but it’s a lot easier when influencers send their images and videos for use with your branded ads, emails, and landing pages!

  1. Contact influencers to see if they would like to create content for your brand. 
  2. Set clear expectations of what you would like from the partnership. If you need a video for your YouTube channel or 1-2 images to use during your next sale, then spell out the specifications for each piece of content you need. You should also have a signed agreement from the influencer allowing you to use the content for your marketing campaigns.
  3. Send influencers the products that you agreed upon. 
  4. Influencers will create the content and send you whatever content has been requested.

Once you have the content, the sky’s the limit! Use it as posts on your Instagram, add videos to your YouTube channel, or create Facebook and Instagram ads using the content. When a specific product is used, you can also add the content as a lifestyle shot to the product page on your store.

This type of partnerships also works best when you build a team of influencers who consistently contribute to your campaigns, allowing you to hone the look of your materials with the influencer and create a cohesive branded look.


@Organifi partnered with @keara.christine to create content for their Instagram page.