Copyrights and Usage Agreements for Your Influencer Content

When an influencer posts about your brand, they own the images and all the rights associated with them. However, your brand may want to share them or use them to promote your brand’s message, so you need permission from the influencer. To accomplish this, Carro has put together a basic agreement for influencers and brands to use when working together.

When an influencer makes a request, they will check a box that gives your brand certain permissions with the content. For each Product Request, they agree to the following statement:

I agree that any assets I provide can be used and promoted for marketing and advertising purposes.

This means that you can share and post their images for your brand’s marketing. If you need additional permission for specific image uses, like print brochures, you’ll want to reach out to them directly, but Carro’s agreement covers uses on social media and most other marketing channels.

And better yet, Carro keeps a record of the product request and this agreement so that you can reference it anytime you need to. Less paperwork to worry about and all your agreements are in one convenient location!