Encouraging User-Generated Content and Branded Hashtags

Best for: Getting your branded hashtag up and running, as well as encouraging user-generated content

Minimum Budget to Get Started: about $100 if you want to promote the hashtag with ads + cost of gifted products

This promotion is all about telling a story. Branded hashtags can be a great way for customers to discover your product through the organic sharing of social media. A good branded hashtag for this type of campaign will clearly connect back to the brand, but also encourage a specific use for the hashtag. Create a hashtag that implies the required action by the consumer, such as #MarriedinModcloth or #ShareYourEars. Both hashtags clearly direct the consumer when to post — when you are married in a Modcloth dress or when you are wearing your Mickey ears. 

  1. Invite influencers to share their story based on a prompt. They’ll use the branded hashtag when posting and mention the brand, as well as encouraging their followers to share their own story using the hashtag. 
  2. You can also share a free product with influencers and request that the product appear in the image that accompanies their story. Remember, this type of promotion should allow the influencer to focus on their story, with more subtle product placement.
  3. In order to promote this campaign, you can incentivize sharing with a contest (Share your story with #example for your chance to win ____), or promote the campaign with targeted ads to encourage more sharing. The goal is for the initial influencers to create a cascading effect, where each influencer’s audience shares with their followers, and so on and so on.


#ShareYourEars post by @mickeyballoonblog

#MarriedinModcloth post by @mrsstetzinger