Facebook Groups, Newsletters, and Blogs

Best for: Brands that want to improve their SEO or awareness. Brands that can target a specific niche.

Minimum Budget to Get Started: $0-$1000, depending on the type of content purchased

Remember, social media is not just about the posts and stories. There are thriving groups that are conversing with each other every day. There are also successful newsletters and blogs where industry leaders are helping their audience grow and thrive together. These content hubs are the perfect opportunity for you to connect with their audiences and turn them into your customers!

To find these groups and resources, it is important to be an active participant in your industry’s niche community. Join as an observer to see what is out there before trying to advertise in this space. This will help you familiarize yourself with the type of content that this audience gravitates toward and will help you construct your message to specifically appeal to this group. 

A simple Facebook search will reveal groups related to your brand that you can request to join.

Join a handful that have a reasonably large following and are talking about similar topics to what you want to advertise. Once you have familiarized yourself with the group, you can begin talking with other members of the group and incorporating your brand mentions in an authentic, non-spammy way. You can also contact the group admin to see if there are paid opportunities to be featured. Influencers can help your brand by adding additional mentions within these groups.

The same process can be repeated for newsletters and blogs. You should find resources that your target customer is engaging with and sign up for these newsletters and blog alerts. Once you are familiar with what they offer, you can ask the creator of that resource to see if you can buy a sponsored listing in their newsletter or on their blog. 

Features on blogs can have a positive impact on the SEO for your website, so they are definitely worth considering if you are trying to improve your global ranking. Email marketing still has higher conversion rates over other marketing channels, so it can help you grow your audience if you target the right newsletters.

Remember, influencers don’t live on social media alone. If you’ve connected with an influencer on Instagram, see if they are creating other content through different channels that can help promote your brand.

Here is an example of a blog promoting a brand.