Influencer Giveaways

Best for: Brand Awareness 

Minimum Budget to Get Started: $0 + the cost of gifted products

Giveaways are a great way to get influencers involved and get the word out to their followers fast. Having an influencer share a giveaway on their platform not only functions as a product mention, but it doubles as a great way to grow the influencer’s following (and yours) and get a lot of people to interact with that post. 

  1. Find an influencer that has already done a product mention or owns one of your products and offer them one for a giveaway on their platform. You can also find new influencers and gift them a set of two products — one to use themselves and one to give away.
  2. You can help to set the parameters of the giveaway with the influencer. It would help grow your brand’s following if you require the entrees to follow both the influencer’s and the brand’s profiles in order to enter. 
  3. Encourage the use of a branded hashtag when entrees share the giveaway, or have entrees tag their friends in the post for additional entries. This will help to extend the reach of the post and get even more prospective customers to see the giveaway!
  4. It can make it easier on the influencer if your brand ships the prize directly to the winner. 
  5. After the giveaway has ended, offer the influencer’s audience a coupon code or special deal to increase their chances of making a purchase on your site.


Giveaway by @paul.chek for a 30-Day supply of @organifi.

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Living an organic lifestyle has been THE most powerful factor in my health. Period. It has given me the ability to excel in all of my endeavours and experience life with a sense of vitality most people (sadly) just don’t understand. Organic living gave me an edge as a fighter. Growing up on a farm on Vancouver Island, real, whole food was all we had to fuel my training. The nutrient dense food I ate from that farm supported my performance and recovery – allowing me to be a top competitor in my town! Feeling the amazing energy my diet provided me when I was young gave me the confidence to train and coach others who wanted to fix their health, feel good again, and perform at their peak potential. In all my years as a therapist, the lifestyle change that has provided maximum results for minimum effort to ALL of my clients has been switching over to an organic lifestyle. Today I am 57 years old… Because of the way I’ve chosen to live my life I am still able to deadlift over 600 lbs and rep out a few 1-arm pull ups! Not bad for an old timer like me, huh? In an effort to continue the spread of good, wholesome, organic living, I’ve teamed up with the @living4Dpodcast newest sponsor, @organifi, for an incredible giveaway! Please tag two of your best friends and answer the following question in the comment section below: How has moving towards an organic lifestyle changed your life? The answer we find most inspiring will win a free 30-Day supply of Pure, my favorite Organifi elixir. The Pure blend enhances cognitive function for heightened learning, memory, and confidence with all-natural superfoods. This nootropic-like brain blend contains clinically studied ingredients to support positive improvements in overall brain health. And again, it’s all organic so I feel confident giving it to my son Mana to ensure that he grows up to be a whiz kid just like his father 😉 I can’t wait to hear your story, go ahead and let it rip! P.S. Submissions to enter this contest will end on Sunday, August 25th at 11:59PM. We will announce our winner this coming Monday. Best of luck to you, my friend! #organifi #living4dpodcast #organicliving #organicadvantage #pure

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