Sponsoring Influencer Content

If you’re looking to support an exceptional influencer as they create content, sponsorships are the way to go. Funding their creative content helps to bolster your brand’s good will and tells consumers that your brand is helping amazing content creators. The influencers will mention your brand and in many cases, create a mini commercial for your brand within their content.

Funding influencer content relies on their organic reach in order to achieve the ROI you are looking for. This option is especially common on YouTube with YouTubers mentioning that the entire video is sponsored by a certain brand and even creating a sort of pseudo-commercial for the brand. The content usually relates to some aspect of the brand, but not necessarily. Funding an influencer’s content can be a really authentic way to support what that influencer is doing while also getting the word out about your brand.

Top YouTubers mention brands that sponsored their content within their videos all the time. If you are doing this on Instagram, you may want to specify where you would like the mention to occur. With IGTV picking up steam, there may be even more opportunities to sponsor content creation and get mentioned as the sponsor of video content.

Work with your influencer to find out what content they are hoping to create. You may be able to sponsor a photo shoot, or video, or even a live stream.


@trent_sd shared about his podcast on Instagram and the episode is sponsored by @organifi.

@ursamajorvt sponsored a yoga retreat that aligned with their brand well, which got them mentioned on @yogaforthegwinn’s profile.