Using Influencer Content after the Campaign is Over

If you’ve successfully partnered with an influencer and that influencer shared their content online, most businesses assume that the process is complete and move on to the next influencer, but that is just step 1! 

As part of your initial negotiations with this influencer, you should make it clear that you plan to share and support the influencer’s content creation and that you would like permission to use their content (with credit) on your platforms. This will allow you to reuse the content on other platforms to further its reach and its results. 

A few things you can do with influencer content: 

  • Share on the same platform that the influencer shared on as a “regram,” or share, in order to extend reach. 
  • Use the content in Facebook and Instagram ads, crediting the influencer and quoting their review of the product. 
  • Share it on your website as a collection image or homepage feature. 
  • Use an Instagram gallery to share the image on your product pages and homepage. FourSixty, Growave, and Instafeed are all Shopify apps that will help you display user-generated content, and influencer posts.
  • Share your influencer’s pictures in printed brochures and marketing materials. 
  • Use influencer pictures to add authenticity to your email campaigns.
  • Add these pictures to your “Google My Business” listing to help with local SEO and improve your Google assets.
  • Add influencer images as your product images to show your product in action. Consumers will love seeing a face they recognize modeling their favorite products!
  • Print large versions of your influencer images for use in trade show booths and at live events. 
  • Create print advertisements for magazines and other publications. 
  • Include a collage of influencer images on the back of business cards for team members.

There’s really no limit to where and how you can use these images, videos, and other content. Influencer content can take the burden of content creation off your marketing team and can also help to share your products in a very genuine way. When the initial campaign is over, there are plenty of ways to continue getting the word out!