Carro’s Checklist for Finding Exceptional Influencers

Carro helps to discover all the influencers that have a connection to your brand. Once you’ve discovered your influencers, it’s important to review each influencer and evaluate them according to your brand’s goals. 

Checklist for Exceptional Influencers: 

  • Influencer has a high level of engagement (above the average 3%). Remember, engagement is also inversely proportional to follower count, so an influencer with high followers may not necessarily have a high engagement rate as well.
  • Content is unique, fresh, and original.
  • Number of followers is consistent with engagement (Multiply number of followers by .03 and compare this number with the number of likes per post).
  • Comments left on the influencer’s posts are authentic, genuine, and don’t sound like spam.
  • Comments are left by a variety of the influencer’s followers, not the same people over and over again. The same people over and over again may indicate that the influencer is using an Instagram pod, or team that likes and comments on everything that they post. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it does skew the likes per post slightly if they are employing this tactic.
  • Their followers look real and have profile pictures.
  • View counts on videos are about the same number as 3-10% of their followers.
  • Searching for the influencer outside of Instagram shows their digital footprint. Nobody exists only on Instagram. Most influencers will appear on another social network, or have a blog.
  • The influencer is posting about a niche related to your product.
  • The influencer has steady follower growth (check this with a program like Social Blade or Hype Auditor). Sudden spikes in growth can indicate either viral content or that they bought followers.
  • The influencer has worked with other brands in similar industries and the posts look like quality content.
  • The influencer has properly disclosed past brand partnerships by using #ad or other legal options.
  • The influencer’s account is verified. While definitely not a deal breaker if the influencer doesn’t have a blue check, the blue check means that Instagram has confirmed that an account is verified to be the official account of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents.

The more items on this list you’ve check off, the better the influencer is. When evaluating influencers, it is important to keep in mind that follower count is not the only criteria. Instead, focus on finding influencers who have an engaged, real audience and an influencer who has established a high level of trust with both their audience and the brands that they work with.