Choosing the Right Influencers

On the Carro dashboard, we include a summary of each influencer that can help you decide which influencers are right for your campaigns. 

Each influencer has a profile pic and is identified by their Instagram handle [1]. You’ll have everything you need to get to know this influencer.

Before inviting them to collaborate, take a look at their engagement score [2]. The higher the score, the more interest their followers have. Good engagement means better brand exposure for you. Even if the follower count isn’t as high as other influencers, a good engagement score can let you know that more of their audience will see the influencer’s recommendation of your product.

You can also see how they are connected to your brand. Having a connection beyond “requested products” should increase the influencer’s value because it means that they have connected with your brand in some way, such as purchasing your products or subscribing to your email list.

Carro also includes their latest Instagram posts so that you can see what the influencer posts about [3]. Check if this influencer posts with a similar style to your brand, or if they cover similar topics. 

Overwhelmed by your options? Looking for specific influencers?

Filters are available so that you can find your best influencers [4]. Choose which social network, the number of followers, or their connection to your brand to find the best candidates for any campaign. You can also find members of the press or media under More Filters. 

If you see someone with good engagement and great posts, you can send them a Quick Invite in just one click so that they can start collaborating with you [5]!

It only takes one great influencer to change your brand forever and get a surge of new customers. Start building relationships today with content creators that can change the game for your brand.