Connecting Your Data Sources

Your data sources are the best way to discover new influencers that love your brand and to get notified whenever an influencer connects with your brand as a customer, email subscriber, or social media fan. The more data sources you connect, the better your chances of finding your next big opportunity to work with an amazing influencer!

Data Sources View in Carro Dashboard
Data Sources View within Carro Dashboard

Find Your Data Sources Page

To start, login to the Carro app and click on Data Sources in the lower left corner.

Connect Your Email List

To upload your email list, you can either upload your csv export or sync with Mailchimp or Klaviyo. If you choose to upload a csv, your list will not automatically update to alert you to new influencers who subscribe. If you want to only search certain defined segments of your email contacts, the csv option would work for you.

To sync Mailchimp or Klaviyo, you’ll just need to click the connect button and follow the instructions. Klaviyo also requires an API key which takes a few seconds to setup in your Klaviyo settings.

Connect Your Social Profiles

Now that you’ve connected your email provider, you’ll want to connect your social profiles. You can connect your Instagram and Facebook by clicking the connect button. Note that this connects to a Facebook Business page, not a personal profile. You can now also add the Instagram connected to your Facebook Business Page.

Importing Influencers

If you are already working with influencers or want to add an influencer to your dashboard, you can add an influencer by adding their Instagram handle and their email address. This is also a way to engage with micro-influencers with below 5,000 followers that are not in the Carro network of influencers.

If you need to disconnect any of these data sources, you’ll just need to hit the disconnect buton.

Brands that connect all their data sources are more likely to find the right influencers to work with and they’ll be better able to track their connections with influencers across their customers, email subscribers, and social media fans.

Once your data sources have synced completely, you can migrate to the Influencers tab to see the results! Carro will continue to search your data sources after this initial search is complete, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to work with a new influencer.

You’re now ready to start your influencer marketing campaigns!