Does This Influencer Have Fake Followers or Fake Engagement?

Before working with an influencer, it is important to determine if they are genuine, real, and will get the results your brand needs. Fake followers and engagement can ruin a brand’s efforts and kill the conversion of their influencer marketing campaign.

Carro provides as much information as possible to help decide if an influencers is a quality connection to work with. Engagement is a key metric for evaluating an influencer. Carro recommends a minimum of 1% engagement before working with an influencer. Carro considers an influencer’s engagement to be good if it is above 3%. Engagement information is available in the influencer dashboard, as well as their follower count, last 3 posts, and a summary of the influencer’s information.

Carro also helps to guard against fake accounts. Carro filters out fake accounts on a regular basis to ensure that you only have the best influencers in your dashboard.

How to identify fake followers and fake engagement: 

  • Scroll through their followers and look for any suspicious accounts. All followers should have a profile pic. Bought followers may have no profile pic or duplicate their profile picture across multiple accounts.
  • Look at their comments. Influencers with real followers typically have a variety of comments. Vague comments that just use emojis or say generic phrases like “great pic” may be fake. However, be aware that many fake comments are initiated by the fake account, and are not necessarily purchased by the influencer.
  • Is there engagement all from the same group? This could indicate that they are paying for engagement or using an Instagram pod. Pods are not necessarily a bad tool for influencers, but their actual engagement is slightly skewed if the same people are obligated to like and comment on every post.
  • Use a tool like Social Blade or HypeAuditor to look for jumps in follower growth. Influencers with real followers should have a steady growth curve without any sudden or substantial spikes. These spikes could indicate that an influencer has bought followers.
  • The influencer isn’t tagged in photos. If an influencer has a thriving community of followers, they should be seen tagged in other people’s photos. Whether they are in the image or it is a follower trying to share something with the influencer, their tagged photos should be plentiful.

Although it can be a bit intimidating looking through influencers, Carro’s filters will help you find the right influencers for your campaigns. With a brief look at their feed, you’ll be able to tell if they are the right influencers for your brand. Once you’ve found a few promising candidates, you’ll be able to start reaching out!