How to Get More Influencers in Your Dashboard

Whether you’re still reaching out to your first influencers or you’re looking for new influencer leads, it’s always a good practice to feed more influencers into your dashboard. New influencers appear in your dashboard when they pay attention and interact with your brand.

Here’s a few ways to add more influencers to your dashboard:

  • Import influencers. Want to work with an influencer that isn’t in your dashboard? You can add any influencer with their Instagram handle and email address. This is the perfect solution for influencers that don’t have 5,000 followers yet, so that they can collaborate with your brand.
  • Grow your email list. When you sync Mailchimp or Klaviyo, new influencers will show up in your Carro Dashboard any time an influencer subscribes to your email list. Enabling a popup on your site, running a giveaway promotion, or trying other email growth tactics will help to connect influencers with your brand so that you can collaborate through Carro.
  • Grow your social following. Your social following is the easiest way to grow your influencer dashboard. You can try following influencers that you want to work with to see if they follow you back, or you can reach out directly with a DM to connect and collaborate. When your social following grows, Carro will discover all the influencers who are fans of your brand so that your influencer dashboard has plenty of options for future partnerships!
  • Build your sales. When an influencer purchases from your brand, we’ll add them to your influencer dashboard. As your store scales up, you’ll have plenty of influencers pouring into your dashboard!
  • Build your social following, email list, or sales through influencer marketing. Carro is a self-sustaining machine. If you start working with influencers, these influencers will help to drive traffic to your site. Setting up the infrastructure to capture these leads, like email signup forms and social follow buttons, can help you discover new connections and influencer opportunities. You can also coordinate with influencers to promote a certain aspect of your business, such as signing up for your emails for exclusive discounts. Influencers will be able to share this special offer with their audience and help you build up each channel through influencer marketing and promotions. The end result is more influencers in your dashboard and brand growth!

As your brand expands and grows, new influencers will be discovered through your Data Sources. Keeping your data sources current and synced will improve your influencer discovery. Each week, you’ll receive an email update alerting you that new influencers were found!