The Carro Dashboard: A Complete Overview

Your influencer discovery dashboard is your home base for Carro.

On the Carro Dashboard, we’ve included a summary of each influencer that Carro has found for your brand. Remember, Carro finds influencers with a connection to your brand. You can get more influencers into your Carro Dashboard by connecting your data sources and growing your lists.

Each influencer on the Carro Dashbaord has a profile pic and is identified by their Instagra handle. You’ll have everything you need to get to know this influencer, including their connection to your brand, some recent posts, and their contact information.

You should check out their latest posts to see if they have a similar style to your brand, or if they cover similar topics.

If you see someone with good engagement and great posts, you can hit the favorites button to add them to your favorites list. Favorites are stored under More Filters so that you can easily find the influencers that you previously liked.

Similarly, you can archive any influencer that isn’t right for your campaigns. These influencers will only appear in your archive list and will no longer appear in your searches.

Filters are available so that you can find influencers easily. Choose which social network, the number of followers, or their connection to your brand to find the best candidates for any campaign.

You can also find members of the press and media under More Filters.

You can use the Quick Invite button to send an email outreach message to your influencers. Customize your message to influencers by clicking on the Quick Invites tab.

It only takes one great influencer to change your brand forever and get a surge of new customers. Start building relationships with content creators that can change the game for your brand!