What Kind of Influencers Will Carro Find?

We all know Carro will find influencers for brands to collaborate with, but what kind of influencers will Carro find? 

Here’s the influencers Carro is actually finding: 

Carro finds influencers with 5,000+ followers. Each influencer that Carro identifies must have at least 5,000 followers on one of their platforms. 

Carro finds influencers with a connection to your brand. Carro tracks the connections that each influencer has to your brand. In “Connection to Brand,” you can see if they have purchased, subscribed to your emails, followed your social platforms, or submitted a product request in the past. This will help you see how invested influencers are in your brand before working with them. 

Carro finds influencers with high engagement. Once an influencer has been discovered, their engagement rate will appear on the dashboard as well, allowing you to evaluate if they are a quality influencer to work with. 

Carro finds influencers with email addresses. No one wants to get lost in the DMs. Carro reveals influencer emails whenever they are available so that you don’t have to keep searching. Get the response you’re looking for without the hassle. 

Carro finds influencers with multiple social accounts. In addition to finding their most influential platform/handle, Carro also finds the influencers’ other accounts so that you can find the best way to work with this influencer. Maybe you can get posts across all their platforms, or maybe there is a smaller account that is better suited to your niche. You can find all the influencers’ best channels on the Carro dashboard.

Through the sort functions and data sources, Carro is able to surface your best influencers so that you can get results from your influencer marketing programs.