How Your Mentions Page Works

The Mentions tab is where all your influencer content lives. To see your mentions, you’ll want to connect your brand’s Instagram. The first time you sign in, it may take a few minutes to populate all your mentions after you sign in.

Once you’ve connected to Instagram, you’ll be able to see what influencers are posting about your brand, and you can see the results of your product requests here as well. All Mentions includes any post that tags your brand in a photo, video, or carousel. Within the Mentions tab, you can sort at the top to see all mentions, or just the mentions from influencers with an approved Product Request.

The Approved Requests Tab

Looking at the Approved Requests tab, you’ll see only the mentions from influencers with an approved request. Each piece of content on this page has come from an influencer that you’ve worked with before. You can view the details of the past product request by clicking the button below the post.

Interacting with Mentions

The Mentions tab also makes it easy to interact with influencer content. Go to All Mentions, then you can click through to any of the content that mentions you by clicking on the post. Leave a comment, or share their content to your Instagram story to support their content and share it with your audience.

Refreshing Your Connection

In order for the Mentions tab to monitor Instagram activity and share your latest mentions, you’ll need to refresh your connection every 90 days. You can click Manage Accounts in the upper right-hand corner to see which accounts are expiring soon and to reconnect them.

The Mentions tab is a way for your brand to measure and track the success of your influencer marketing. You’ll also be able to track mentions of your brand from new influencers so that you can find the best influencers to work with. Check this page often so that you can see who is talking about your brand!