A Complete Tour of Product Requests

Product requests are a simple way to start collaborating with influencers.

These requests help fuel your influencer marketing by getting influencers the products they want to use so that they can create amazing content for your brand and share it with their followers!

When you turn on Product Requests, influencers with your product request link will see the Carro Dots when they visit your site.

Note: Carro Dots are only visible to Carro influencers, no customers or site visitors.

Through the Carro Dots, influencers will be able to submit a product request, detailing how they’d like to collaborate with you. You’ll receive an email notification whenever a new request is made so that you can check out their proposal.

To view your pending requests, click on the Product Requests tab in the left-hand column. All your pending requests will be displayed here, as well as an archive of all previous requests.

At the top, you’ll see a summary of all your requests, including the number of requests, and retail value of the products, so that you can get a snapshot of how product requests are working.

For each pending request, you’ll see a summary of the influencer’s information and what they have requested. If you need to communicate more with this influencer before starting your collaboration, you can use the “Email Influencer” button.

After You Hit Approve or Deny

If you hit Approve, the influencer will receive an email from Carro that their request has been approved, as well as any order confirmation that your store automatically sends. 

If you hit Deny, the influencer will receive a polite note from Carro letting them know that their request isn’t moving forward. 

Product requests are also set to expire within 9 days. Letting a product request expire will send an automatic email from Carro to the influencer letting them know that their request has expired. 

Product requests are an easy way to get your influencer marketing program off the ground and to build relationships with influencers. For the best results, let product requests be a starting point and continue communicating with these influencers in order to build relationships that are mutually beneficial to your brand and the influencer.

Now that you know all the features of our Product Requests tab, you’re ready to start collaborating with influencers!