Reviewing Product Requests

Here’s what Carro recommends when using our Product Requests feature:

At the top of your product requests, you’ll see a summary of all your pending requests.

Note: since you are gifting these products, your retail value is not necessarily what this influencer collaboration will cost you. Instead, look at the true cost of the product to determine the total amount spent on your influencer gifting.

Once an influencer has submitted a request, you’ll get a summary of the influencer’s information and what they’ve requested.

Be sure to review:

  • The requested products. Are they in stock? Are they part of your current marketing initiatives? Are they being discontinued soon?
  • Content type. What have they offered in exchange for these products?
  • Notes. Does the influencer provide enough details?
View of Pending Product Requests within Carro.

Notes From the Influencer

One of the most important factors in your review process should be Notes. Here, the influencer can share how they plan to use the products that they are requesting. Use these notes as the start of a conversation with the influencer. If you want to continue communicating, you can use the “Email Influencer” button.