The Power of the Carro Dots for Influencers

Have you seen the Carro Dots on your site?

When you turn on Product Requests, the Carro Dots will appear at the right-hand side of your website ONLY for qualified influencers. (Regular customers will not see them, nor will they be able to request product.) The dots will make it easy for influencers to submit product requests in just a few clicks. 

The video above shows you exactly what the influencer sees when they are requesting products from your store.

An influencer can arrive at your store one of two ways: from the Carro Brand Collection or from your unique store link.

When an influencer sees the Carro Dots, they can shop the store as a customer would, add items to their cart, then use the Carro dots to submit a product request. When they are ready to check out, they will be routed to the Carro Dots to confirm their shipping address, add a note to you, and submit their product request. They’ll receive an email that they were successful in submitting their request, and that it is pending review.

You can review each product request in your dashboard and approve the best influencers for your brand. That product request is then fulfilled through your normal store fulfillment process. 

That means that your influencer shipments can all be tracked in Shopify within your Orders tab. Each influencer order will be tagged with Carro. You can use the filters in the Orders tab to see either all the orders you’ve sent through Carro, or to track a particular influencer’s product orders.You’ll no longer have to spend countless hours on spreadsheets to track all of your influencer data. Instead, rely on the Carro dashboard and each orders internal notes to keep all your information in one convenient location. 

As you can see, the Carro Dots are a powerful tool that will save you time and money as you grow your influencer marketing program. Remember, the Carro Dots can be enabled by turning on Product Requests. Get ready for your influencer marketing to grow!

Test the Carro Dots for Yourself

To test your Product Request link for your store, you’ll need an Instagram account that has at least 5,000 followers to sign in. If you don’t, you can whitelist an account with under 5,000 by manually adding the account to your Carro dashboard.

Once you have an account that you can sign in with, you’ll be able to complete the Product Requests flow. Just click on your Product Request link and follow the steps presented by Carro!